Things To Know Being Involved In An Accident With A City Bus

People often think about car accident as involving two or more cars, but the reality is that it's possible to be in an accident with other types of vehicles. One example is being in an accident with a city bus, which can occur if a bus has trouble stopping because of slippery conditions or simply doesn't see you because of its large blind spots. While being in an accident is obviously never a good thing, there are some specific details about being involved with a city bus that you should keep in mind.

There Might Be A Lot Of Witnesses

Unless the city bus that hit your car happened to be out of service and thus was traveling without passengers, there will likely be a lot of witnesses to the collision. While it's true that a lot of people who ride the bus are immersed in books, conversations, and their cellphones, some of them are always sitting and looking out of the windows. This means that some passengers could have front-row seats to the accident, which could be either good or bad for your case. If the bus was entirely at fault, you'll have no trouble getting witnesses who will attest to that fact. If you were at fault to some degree, however, the witnesses might be quick to make that point, too.

The City Has Big Pockets

When your car accident attorney advises you that a settlement would be preferable to going to court — as it often is in car accident cases, given the risks of putting your case in the hands of a judge — you'll feel confident in knowing that the city has plenty of insurance, and thus has big pockets for settling suits that result from collisions with its buses. In fact, the city may be eager to settle with you in a quick manner to not only get your case off the books, but to also avoid the bad publicity that would come with a court case.

Your Injuries Could Be More Substantial

While the above two points can be positive for you, there's no disputing the fact that getting into a collision with a city bus can be very serious. The weight of the bus and the momentum that it carries while driving means that you have a high probability of being seriously hurt when a bus hits your car. Serious injuries from a collision with a bus could lead to expensive medical care, an extended absence from work, and issues with your quality of life. The right car accident attorney will be instrumental in dealing with your bus collision and getting you the settlement that you deserve.

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