Protecting Your Rights After An Auto Accident

After experiencing an auto accident, you can face a number of legal, logistical and bureaucratic problems to address. When individuals have never been in an auto accident before, the steps that they should be taken in these situations may not be fully clear.

How Will You Know It Is Necessary To File A Lawsuit?

Individuals are often hesitant about filing a lawsuit, and this is easy to understand given the time, costs, and difficulties involved with resolving lawsuits. However, there can be instances where there is simply no other option for forcing payment of damages to you. In particular, you may be forced to file a lawsuit if the insurance is refusing to honor the claim or the other party lacked insurance.

How Long Will You Have Before It Is No Longer Possible To File A Lawsuit?

You may feel as though you must file your lawsuit as quickly as possible. While it is encouraged for individuals to quickly file their lawsuits in these matters, there is often more time than you may assume. For example, many states will allow individuals up to several years to file a lawsuit before the time limit expires. This can allow for enough time so that the victim can fully assess their damages before starting their lawsuit.

What Types Of Documentation Should You Keep From The Accident?

When auto accidents are not properly documented, recovering damages from them can become extremely difficult or even impossible. In particular, you should make sure that you have an official copy of the accident report from the police, medical records, lost wages, and repairs or other costs that you incurred. Creating a file so that you can easily place receipts and other documentation in it will make recording your losses and damages from the accident much easier to do.

What Should You Say To The Other Driver's Insurance Company?

If you were not responsible for the accident, there is a strong chance that the insurance for the party that was liable to contact you. Ideally, you should limit your direct communication with the insurance as much as possible. The other party's insurance is attempting to resolve the matter by paying you as little as possible. A strategy that may be used is to confuse you or otherwise get you to admit fault. By channeling any communications with the insurance through your attorney, you can protect yourself from these risks and ensure that you are giving accurate answers to the questions being asked.

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