Essure: The Tiny Implant That Causes So Many Problems

Doctors have been promoting and implanting the Essure device, which is a female birth control method, for several years. It wasn't until many women began to speak out about the health problems that they'd been experiencing since the implant was put in place that people started listening. Today, there are pages and pages of information about all of the things that can go wrong with the device. Here, you'll learn a little about the side effects and what you can do to find some relief.


Who would have thought that a tiny little coil placed in the fallopian tubes could cause so many odd side effects? Yes, the severe cramping and excessive bleeding might be expected, but who would think that it could cause hair thinning, extreme fatigue, and depression, among so many other things?

The truth is, there are so many symptoms that it was difficult for women to even begin to think that the Essure implants could be causing them.

One of the most serious complications is the migration of the implant. The implant can break free from the fallopian tubes and ends up in the uterus, or it can stay where it is and penetrate through the wall of the tubes and puncture the uterus.

Make a Doctor's Appointment

If you have the Essure implant and you've been experiencing a number of health problems that you haven't been able to find the cause of, you need to make a doctor's appointment and have those coils checked. You need to make sure that they haven't slipped out of position or caused any other complications within your reproductive system.

When making the appointment, you should avoid even mentioning your concerns about the Essure implant. Wait until you have an appointment set and you're in the room with the doctor before you bring up the topic. If you don't, you could find it difficult to get in with a doctor to be seen.

Before you go, write down all of the problems that you've been having. If you don't write it all down, there's a chance that you'll forget at least some of what you've been experiencing all of this time.

Contact a Personal Injury Lawyer

There are thousands of lawsuits in the making against Bayer for this device. If it has caused you harm, you need a personal injury lawyer to help you hold the company responsible for their failure to test the devices properly before getting the approval to put them into women around the world.

You can reclaim your life. It will take time, but with the right medical team and a good lawyer, your life can be made as close to whole as possible.  

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