Are You The Victim Of Neglect? Important Nursing Home Questions

If you are in nursing home care and you suffered an injury as a result, you may wonder if the injury was unavoidable or if it was the result of gross negligence. Obviously, actual physical abuse is actionable, but there are surprising forms of neglect that may be actionable. If you were injured because those responsible for your care were negligent, you deserve compensation for your injuries. 

Are You Eating Enough?

The nursing home facility is responsible for making sure that you have your nutritional needs met. Not only should meals meet dietary needs, but they must also have enough variety to avoid monotony. If you find yourself not wanting to finish meals because of the monotony, and you are underweight, this may be enough to seek damages for neglect. 

Are You Moving Around Enough?

You may suffer injuries and poor health as a result of a lack of mobility. Under these circumstances, you should consider litigation. Without spending enough time walking or performing other physical activities, you might lose muscle strength and may struggle to live a healthy lifestyle.

Are You In Control of Your Finances?

Be careful with your money in a nursing home. Nursing home patients are often vulnerable to financial exploitation. For example, you may have money that goes missing. You may find that your caregivers wish to pressure you into making changes to your will or your ownership of an account. Always speak with an attorney and a financial planner before making financial decisions.

Are Friends and Family Coming Around?

It's always helpful to have a loved one who may be around to look over the decisions being made while you stay at a nursing home. Depending on your medical state, you may have a difficult time remembering if the hospital remembered to give you your medications or if they gave you too much of your medications. Having your loved ones around can help you fulfill your emotional needs.

When it turns out that you have been injured as a result of negligence, make sure that there is no arbitration clause. An arbitration clause gives the provider the ability to have any disputes handled by a neutral third party as an alternative to a lawsuit. If you are unsure of whether you may take legal action, contact your attorney to find out whether you are able to. Also, make sure to document all of your experiences.

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