Responding To An Accident With An 18 Wheeler

Being involved in an automobile accident with an 18 wheeler can be among the most serious vehicle accidents that you can experience. The severity of these accidents makes having accurate information about your options for recovering losses essential.

Appreciate The Various Ways That An 18 Wheeler Accident Will Differ From Other Types Of Auto Accidents

18 wheeler auto accidents can be far more severe in nature due to the larger size of the truck. This can lead to far more severe injuries, and it is likely to cause extensive property damages. In addition to the damages that these accidents can cause, they may also be more complicated due to the fact that there may be shared liability between the driver and the company that hired them. The actions that you took before and during the accident could also impact these cases. These complicating factors can make it extremely difficult to make informed decisions without the representation of an attorney.  

Follow All Of Your Doctor's Care Instructions

After the accident, you will want to seek prompt medical care in order to make sure that your injuries are treated and documented. Unfortunately, some individuals will fail to follow all of their doctor's recommended care steps. This may include being referred to specialists or other steps that can seem inconvenient. Unfortunately, failing to follow these steps can have the result of weakening your ability to claim damages. This is due to the fact that the complications or other problems that arise from failing to follow the doctor's recommendations can make it difficult to fully determine the damages that resulted from the accident. Also, it can weaken claims concerning the severity of your injuries.

Be Mindful That The First Settlement Offer May Not Be The Best

It is common for the initial settlement offer from the insurance for the 18 wheeler to be rather low when compared to the actual value of the case. Often, individuals will simply be pleased to be offered money for the damages they incurred, which can lead to them automatically accepting this offer without fully considering the value of the case. The negotiations around the settlement for your case can be very delicate and nuanced. Luckily, an attorney that represents clients in auto accident cases will be more experienced with these negotiations. While these negotiations may not always be fruitful, they can often allow these cases to be resolved without the need to go through a long and costly trial.

For more help, contact an 18 wheeler accident attorney.

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