Follow The Rules And Get Paid After An Accident

There are things accident victims should not do after an accident. If victims follow the below rules, they have an excellent chance of being paid the accident compensation they deserve.

Do not speak to the other side – In this case, that means avoiding speaking with the other driver or their insurance adjuster. You may speak to your own auto insurance representative about the accident, however. You are not required to speak to the other driver's insurance representative at all. You might accidentally say something that creates problems with your case so let your personal injury lawyer handle that.

Don't sign anything or accept a check from the other side – They may ask you to sign an accident release, or they may send you a check in the mail. Don't sign, cash, or deposit the check. You could be accepting an unfair settlement or agreeing to things that you should not.

Don't vent about the accident on Facebook – It's not just friends that have access to your social media postings. You could create issues with the accuracy of facts, misrepresentation of your injuries, and more by posting online.

Don't neglect to go to a doctor. You won't be able to be paid for your injuries if you don't go to a doctor. Go to the emergency room or your own doctor as soon as possible after the accident if you did not get a ride in an ambulance.

Don't try to be your own doctor. Some victims are not sure they are injured enough to merit medical care. Err on the side of caution and let a professional make that determination

Keep up with things – You can help your case by keeping good records. That means being organized and safekeeping medical records, insurance forms, and more. Also, consider using a pain journal to record your thoughts, things to do, medical appointment information, and more.

Don't put off speaking to a lawyer – Every state has a statute of limitations after which victims are unable to take action. However, there are other reasons for acting sooner. Evidence to support your damages or liability can be weakened or lost as time passes. For instance, eyewitnesses to the accident can move away, forget the details, or become unavailable. Having a lawyer may afford you more respect from the insurer, help you to avoid making mistakes, get you the compensation you deserve, and provide you with valuable legal support to assist you every step of the way. Contact auto accident attorneys in your area to discuss your case.

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